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K. Spencer Zinn - Chief Commercial Officer


Spencer Zinn is an energy executive with nearly thirty years in oil marketing, oil refining and midstream operations. He is among the foremost experts in North American oil markets.  He is an expert in oil and products hedging and has a long history in utilizing oil futures and options.  Mr. Zinn has demonstrated a long record of successful leadership.  


Mr. Zinn earned a degree in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Colorado in 1990.  Following graduation, Mr. Zinn started his professional career in crude oil marketing and trading in Denver, CO with The Permian Corporation.  In 1992, Permian was acquired by Ashland Oil and merged with Scurlock, forming Scurlock Permian Corporation.  In 1993 he took a role with Ashland in Houston, TX as Crude Oil Trader, where he was part of a team of North American traders.  The trading team was responsible for acquiring and optimizing crude oil supply for Ashland’s three US refineries, which had approximately 365,000 bpd of capacity and optimizing and selling crude oil from Scurlock Permian’s 350,000 bpd of supply.  During this time, he traded oil to and from virtually all North American markets.   In 1996, Mr. Zinn went on to become Vice President of Crude Oil Supply at Wyoming Refining Company.  Mr. Zinn and Wyoming Refining Company’s executive team built the company from a struggling break even refiner to one of the most profitable US refiners on a per barrel basis.   Wyoming Refining Company was sold to Black Elk Refining in 2011.  As a condition of the sale, Mr. Zinn was retained to help transition the company.  As Executive Vice President of Crude Supply and Trading he worked to help the company expand capacity by 30% while adding and upgrading the requisite pipeline and logistics assets.  


Philanthropy and community participation have always been important in Mr. Zinn’s life.  He has served on a number of volunteer boards, and currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Colorado PGA Reach.  He also currently serves on the board of the Colorado Section of the PGA and the board of directors at Cherry Hills Country Club. 




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James J. (Jim) Burke 

K. Spencer Zinn 


Terry Perardi



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